Sacred Teachings from Around the Globe

The University of Self Knowledge

The University of Self-Knowledge is the educational branch of The University’s Study and Training Self-Enlightenment Correspondence Programs are unparalleled and unlike any other programs. Each course introduces new and innovative teachings through an ordered and progressive curriculum that assists individuals in discovering and expressing the Light Within. The spiritual journey begins with the Mystical Path and continues through Initiates, Advanced Initiates and Eternal Way Training. Each study course progressively guides individuals through the process of acquiring Self-Knowledge, Self-Enlightenment and God-Realization. This is accomplished through specific components and practices that work in synergy to lift us into higher and more illumined dimensions of mind and being. The program blends innovative esoteric, metaphysical, and sacred teachings of the East and West, as well as specific meditative practices that inspire illumined states of consciousness and light the way to God-Realization. Each step of the journey takes you into greater stages of inspiration and enlightenment.

Beyond the Physical Lies the Eternal