Initiates Training

Purification and Transformation II

Your studies in the Purification and Transformation ll course will begin with a greater understanding of the “Transition State” that you are experiencing at this stage of your Enlightenment, and what will help you move through this stage with greater ease and peace of mind.

The meditations in this next phase of study continue to progressively move you towards greater Self-Awareness, Enlightenment, and God-Realization. As students continue their purification process, they continue to cleanse, purify and release any fragmented selves and negative energies lodged within their consciousness as a result of negative and traumatic experiences. In this stage, you will be able to feel your sacred kundalini energy increase within you, more fully awakening your mystical body. You will feel a definite increase in your spiritual strength and confidence as your focus and inner senses become more active.

Light is the absence of darkness and your aspiration in this phase of training is to use your spiritual strength and light of wisdom to release any isolated and fragmented selves within. Carl Jung has said many times: The further you descend within your consciousness, the higher you can ascend. Simply said, Enlightenment is a process of both Purification and Ascension. We purify our thoughts and emotions so we are able to ascend to higher and greater dimensions of mind and Being.

Studies in course include:

This Next Step on your Journey of Enlightenment will expand your Mystical and Light Body as you embrace your Crown of Jewels, Three Radiant Selves and Divine Child

Length of course – 6 Weeks
Tuition $299
Prerequisite: Purification & Transformation I