Advanced Initiates Training

Purification and Ascension I

Your studies in the Purification and Ascension 1 course will begin with a study of Light and Shadows and The Forces of Resistance that attempt to seduce you daily. Students accelerate their spiritual progress and expand their consciousness significantly and powerfully. In this stage of your Self-Enlightenment studies, you will begin to experience more positive feedback and acknowledgement of your spiritual efforts and progress on the path of Enlightenment. In this new shift of energy, you will work with Purification once again, and you will study the powerful and negative Archetypal Forces that are vitally intense in our world.

The students’ Self-Knowledge will expand significantly through the study of The Shadow Teachers: the darker side of consciousness that attempts to seduce you daily in order to challenge your self-mastery. You will clearly recognize each Shadow Teacher and be able to chart stages in your life when you were either submerged in or flirted with their negative power. You will also be pleasantly surprised to learn the strengths and abilities that you have developed as a result of your engagement with them.

Knowing the most powerful Archetypal Forces and Shadow Teachers and their characteristics helps you to identify them in other people as well as recognize them in yourself. This knowledge strengthens one’s resolve to learn from the Light rather than continue to learn harsh lessons through pain and suffering. As students continue the purification process, they cleanse, purify, and release old negative and karmic influences that have accumulated in their subtle bodies as a result of past traumas with The Shadow Teachers. Students remove veils from the “third eye” and brow chakra and experience a significant increase in spiritual vision. The majority of our feelings and faulty perceptions about being undeserving and unworthy come from our bouts with The Shadow Teachers. Spiritual Understanding is the fruit of Self-Knowledge and frees us to embrace abundance and our own light within.

Through intense purification throughout this course, you will find greater strength and joy and experience the state of Oneness you left long ago. You will feel whole and complete. Life becomes grander. There is a new and wonderful confidence that you are in the right place, for the right reason, at the right time, and you experience a peace of mind that you haven’t felt before. There is no greater gift than to be graced with God-Realization and Self-Enlightenment. Our own enlightenment serves as an example of Man’s true potential as well as “lighting up” the collective consciousness, making it that much easier for everyone to receive inspirations of light.

Studies in course include:

The true destiny of man is to realize his/her Creator which is ever present within the Self. One begins with self-knowledge and moves towards a direct experience with The Immortal Self. Students continue the ascension and enlightenment process through inspiration from sacred teachings of the East and West as well as their daily meditation practice.

Length of course – 6 Weeks
Tuition $ 349

Prerequisite: Initiates Training, Purification and Transformation I & II