Advanced Initiates Training

Purification and Ascension II

In Advanced Initiates Training – Purification and Ascension II, you will progress to new and even higher levels of spiritual knowledge and ascension. You will continue your meditation work as you ascend to higher levels of Mind and Being. Students continue to work to cleanse and purify the auric egg that surrounds them by releasing four specific negative attachments from their karmic bodies. In this phase of your training, enlightenment students will be focusing on your kundalini energy and the process of internal breathing to draw this energy upwards. You will be able to feel your kundalini energy increase and rise with each meditation.

With this experience comes Awe and Wonder! You are able to enter greater states of Oneness as your Light Body expands.

Studies in course include:

Upon completion of both advanced courses you will receive:
*Certification of Completion and Initiation as Master Spiritual Initiate

Length of course – 6 Weeks
Tuition $349
Prerequisite: Purification & Ascension I