The Mentors

Spiritually aware and experienced persons are chosen to serve as Mentors, providing leadership, support, guidance, and encouragement to each student in their spiritual mission. They provide personal attention to those seeking spiritual enlightenment. Mentors fulfill a significant and valuable role in enlightenment studies, for they have traveled the path themselves, and are able to attune to your energy and offer valuable guidance and direction to help you over and around any obstacles on the path. You will benefit greatly through their experience and their guidance. There is nothing more wonderful than to have an interested, loving, and caring person to monitor your studies and give guidance and support so that you are able to reach greater and more illumined states of mind and being. It is also extremely helpful to receive confirmation of your spiritual progress each week, as well as specific direction when needed. You will progress steadily one step at a time. Your mentor helps you to know where you are and how you are doing each step of the way. He/She becomes your personal coach and trainer and works intimately with you throughout your enlightenment studies. The Mentors of The University of Self Knowledge are advanced in their spiritual studies and have been extensively trained in esoteric and metaphysical teachings and have developed their spiritual vision and inner senses to a high degree. Each has their Doctorate Degree from Delphi University and they work as healers and counselors in their own spiritual practices. The Study and Training Program is valuable for all who are seeking greater meaning in their lives, nourishment for the soul, and mystical experience. This unique and cutting-edge Self-Enlightenment Correspondence Program assists spiritual seekers from all over the world to discover the depth of their love and wisdom within and the Real and magnificent world of Spirit that is available to us all.